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Our Mission

Performing in music ensembles enrich the lives of students through learning about the world through the lens of music; as well as building skills that align with creating a strong, well-rounded foundation for all careers, relationships, and community.

Maine West has three curricular orchestras:  Symphony, Philharmonic and String Orchestra. Each of these ensembles are a class period that meet during the day. Warrior Strings is an extra curricular performing ensemble that rehearses one evening per week through out the year.  

About Us

Violin Scroll
String Orchestra

 String orchestra is a freshman only orchestra. This ensemble is also available for students that were in orchestra in middle school but did not continue and would like to return to playing their instrument with an orchestra.

Violin and Music Sheet
Philharmonic Orchestra

Philharmonic orchestra is an intermediate ensemble this is a "repeatable" course. This ensemble is open to all 10th thru 12th graders that played in String orchestra during 9th grade year.

Symphony Orchestra

Symphony orchestra is an advanced ensemble that is a "repeatable" course.  To enroll in this ensemble there is a required audition and open to grades 10th thru 12th grade.

Warrior Strings

Extra curricular group that meets on Thursday evenings through out the school year. This small ensemble is auditioned based and requires for students to be enrolled in an orchestra class.  *Guitar, piano and percussion players do not need to be enrolled in orchestra classes. 

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